3rd week of Advent – Gaudete Sunday

In advent by Notting Hill Carmel

Preparing to welcome


“Gaudete”, from the entry chant of the Mass, means “Rejoice…the Lord is near”. The sense of anticipation is mounting as the Church, the Bride of Christ, leads us to prepare for the coming of her Bridegroom. The theme of joy runs through the readings. Isaiah tells of the joy of God’s anointed one, coming to fulfil his mission, “like a bridegroom wearing his wreath”, and the Responsorial psalm is in fact Mary’s hymn of joy, the Magnificat. Paul encourages us to be happy and full of thanksgiving as we wait for “the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ”. The Gospel, again, is devoted to John the Baptist, the Lord’s forerunner, the one who, in a later passage of John’s gospel describes himself as the friend of the Bridegroom, who is “filled with joy at the Bridegroom’s voice”. The rose-coloured vestment, the rose-coloured candle, are intended to lift our spirits, allowing us to anticipate the joy that is to come