4th Week of Advent

In advent by Notting Hill Carmel

Preparing to worship

During this final week of Advent, the Church takes us, step by step, through the Gospel events leading up to the birth of Jesus. Sunday anticipates with the account of Gabriel’s visit to Mary, which we will have again on Tuesday. Monday tells us of Elizabeth’s conception of John the Baptist, and Wednesday of Mary’s visit to her, after her own conception of Jesus. On Thursday we have Mary’s beautiful hymn of thanksgiving for all that God has done for her, in response to Elizabeth’s recognition of her as Mother of the Lord. Friday tells us of the birth of John, and Saturday of his father’s prophecy that this “little child” would go before the Lord to prepare the way for the one who “will give light to those who live in the shadow of death, and guide our feet in the way of peace.

All is set now for the coming into the world of the incarnate Son of God, when “Come, Oh come…” gives way  at last to “Come, let us adore him!”