New Year Greetings and podcast four

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A blessed and happy New Year to all our visitors.
Looking back over the past year we are aware of many good things for which we give thanks. The Year of Faith gave us the example of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s humble withdrawal from the papal ministry, and the surprise election of Pope Francis with his simple, fresh approach and wide appeal.
At the same time, we know that 2013 has held terrible suffering for many people, caught up in relentless war or natural disaster. We think of Syria, the Philippines, and so many other places where people have had to endure unimaginable hardship.
And so, when we hold our End of Year Service this evening, there will be prayers of thanksgiving for all God’s blessings, and a plea for God’s mercy upon human sin and destructiveness. We will begin the new year tomorrow with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament during most of the day, when the joys and sorrows, needs and longings of all people, everywhere will be gathered into our prayer.
May God bless your year.